One group, six companies, stronger together! A leading presence


Maintaining a leading position prerequisites to have clear Vision, Mission and Values of Internal Processes, developing
and encapsulating a fertile Corporate environment, inspiring and motivating the manpower, differentiating to the
end-Customer through Valued Engineering Solutions.


Be a Longtime Partner to the Cruise Ship Operators along the Cruise Ship Lifecycle, from Newbuild to Refit and Upgrade.


Be the Leader into our Market Segment, Innovate, Differentiate by Valued Engineer Solutions, develop and added value
to the Cruise Operator and the Cruise Ship itself.


  • Manpower is the core element of our success, encourage teamwork, share the success across the Group, motivate.
  • Differentiate in skills and knowledge, allow the Customer to feel confident before taking delivery of the solution.
  • Offer valued-engineered solutions to the Customer, upscale the value to a higher extent than Customer’s expectations of.
  • Always offer optimum cost for a superb solution, a Customer is a Partner, develop the bond of appreciation.
  • Promote continuous improvement of the Corporate Structure and Skills, strengthen the core elements and pursue excellence at work.
De Wave Group De Wave Group De Wave Group

Business model

DE WAVE Group is a Turnkey Solution Provider, offering the Complete Scope of International Processes so to comprehend the need, and respectively develop a dedicated Solution thereon, mobilizing its Service Centers and Manufacturing Facilities so to maintain the utmost control in every step of development.


Initiating the basis of the Solution by either utilizing its own in-house Design Studio or cooperating with Customers’ appointed Architects.


Being already a Manufacturer, De Wave Group brings forward the experience and technical expertise into engineering the conceptual solutions to practical drawings.


Engaging its own Vertical Integrated Production Lines, De Wave Group is in position to provide Complete Catering Systems, Modular Elements, Prefabricated WC Units, as well as Customized Public Area Solutions, maintaining the utmost control of all internal processes from raw materials to final-product onboard.

Project Management & Installation

Engaging its long history into Marine Product Solutions, the Group gears its own Specialized Teams into installing the product solutions onboard the Vessels.

After Sales Services

De Wave Group is offering Spare Parts Service and even Trained Riding Crews to support the Cruise Operators and Vessels into daily Ship’s Operations world wide, engaging its three Service Stations at US, Europe and Singapore, working under the principle of 365/7/24 Service Partner.

System Upgrades

The Cruise Ship or Ferry has a long Life Cycle, while the Operation Profile of the Cruise Operators changes in relation to the type and degree of the Passenger Expectation. All Products and Solutions developed are to be potential to upgrade, so the Vessel can maintain its value of investment.

Structures & Management

De Wave Group is a Global Marine Contractor specialized into both Refit and Newbuilding Segments, as well as scheduled Maintenance and Spare Part Divisions.

Stemmed by the join of forces between the three leading Companies De Wave SPA in Italy and Poland, Spencer Contract SRL in Italy, France, Germany and Finland, as well as Precetti Group with a global network in USA, Europe and Asia, the latest developed De Wave Group is committed into bringing well designed, quality-oriented, ergonomic and reliable solutions to the Marine Customers.

Production facilities

Drawing a long and thorough experience by its processors, DE WAVE Group is mobilizing the existing Facilities by upscaling the value of its Solutions through sharing the knowledge and experience in the Group, developing reliable, sustainable and qualitized Solution addresses to the Marine Enviroment.

About us De Wave Group

De Wave SpA, Monfalcone, Italy
(Production Facility of Modular Units)

About us De Wave Group

Precetti SRL, Vazzola, Italy
(Production Facility of Tailored Catering Systems)

About us De Wave Group

De Wave Polska Sp.zo.o, Lipno Poland
(Production Facility of Prefabricated WC Units)

Service stations

About us De Wave Group

Precetti INC, Miami, USA
(Service Center for US Continent)

About us De Wave Group

De Wave SpA, Genoa, Italy
(Service Center for European Continent)

About us De Wave Group

Precetti PTE, Singapore
(Service Center for Asian Continent)

About us De Wave Group

Spencer Contract Srl, Genoa, Italy
(Service Center for European Continent)

Global Network

Global Network De Wave Group
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