Markets A Turnkey Partner into Newbuild and Refit Projects

DE WAVE Group offers custom and innovative Services along the Cruise Ship lifecycle, starting from the Newbuilding Stage, following to the Scheduled Refit Activities, and even adding a Value to the Ships by upgrading the exisiting Systems onboard.

Newbuilding Stage De Wave Group

Newbuilding Stage

The Newbuilding Stage sets the basic parameters of the Cruise Ship outline, its pros but also contraints to follow the Vessel alongs its lifecycle.

Working on the principle "First Time, Right", DE WAVE Group is developing Products and Solutions with the potential to be upgraded upon request, in such a way maximing the flexibility of future Operations along the Vessel's Iifecycle.
Scheduled Maintenance Refit Schemes De Wave Group

Scheduled Maintenance Refit Schemes

The task of Working on a Refit Scheme is governed by the boundaries set along the Vesse|'s existing outline, its structural elements and connections available so to use and renew or upgrade the Systems onboard.

DE WAVE Group is engaging the experience and know-how by its procestors having completed vast successful Projects of all scales, while also utilizing its own vertical integrated Production Facilities to ascertain that ideas shall be materialized into solutions in the best possible way.

A key to the success of the Projects are the state of the art machinery tools being engaged, and the thorought knowledge of both design and manufacturing processes, constantlv Roverning all Drocesses to safeguard a successful outcome.
Ships in Operation De Wave Group

Ships in Operation

DE WAVE Group is stepping ahead of the Newbuilding and Refit stage, offering superior After-Sales Services at Ships in Service.

All products incorporate individual elements which either necessitate periodical maintenance or even replacement so to ascertain that the entire System is working smoothly.

DE WAVE Group pioneers by developing its own Specidized Riding Teams at the Service of the Cruise Ship Operators, attending the Vessels 24/7/365 through the Group's World wide Service Stations at USA, Europe and Asia, in such a way to assist into performing the periodicd mintenance or even troubleshoot by repairing the Systems onboard.
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