Sustainability  De Wave Group


Following a Sustainable Structure is the key to success for a leading Group.
DE WAVE Group has a dedicated code of sustainability, to embrace and motivate all manpower, while spreading the experience and sharing the success internally as part of the development process.
Business Ethics  De Wave Group

Business Ethics

Drawing the Corporate Guidelines is essential to a Leading Company, setting clearly the targets, goals and vision of the Corporate Management for the future, sharing such ethics internally along the Corporate Structure.
Technology De Wave Group


Being a Vertical Integrated Manufacturer prerequisites to follow on new Technologies and Techniques. De Wave Group utilizes state of the art machinery under the unit operation of highly trained Engineers to draw the maximum of the capabilities developed through the blend.

The prevailing idea for improvement is part of the development phase, continuously searching for Technologies and Tools to ascertain innovative, differentiated but reliable and ergonomic solutions to our esteemed Partners.
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